The elements of personalised learning and support

Ocean Reef Primary School has used the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) to encourage a mindset shift from focusing on the curriculum to focusing on meeting the needs of the learner. The school is refining its processes to identify the level of adjustments for those students that will be included in the NCCD. It is introducing new tools to help assess the needs of each student.
Ocean Reef Primary School is a small independent school located in Ocean Reef, on the northern beaches of Perth in Western Australia. It has approximately 340 students from Foundation to Year 6. The school employs approximately 25 full-time and part-time teachers, supported by education assistants and ancillary staff.

In this Illustration, two teachers, one teaching a Year 1/2 class and the other teaching a Year 5/6 class, provide an outline of how they have worked with leadership and internal and outside agencies to make adjustments for students when required. The teachers reflect on the following:

  • Consultation with parents/carers and other key stakeholders
  • Assessing the individual needs of the student
  • Implementing adjustments to provide access to learning on the same basis as other students
  • Benefits for students.

This Illustration looks at the provision of learning and support for students with disability at the classroom level. It demonstrates implementation of the four elements of learning and support from a teacher’s perspective in a mainstream setting. The video illustrates quality differentiated teaching in practice alongside supplementary adjustments. The students are mostly integrated into the classroom and the teachers are adjusting their approaches within the context of a whole class approach. By and large the students are pursuing the same program as the rest of the students in the class and the teachers’ goals are to lift their performance to enable them to continue to achieve in a mainstream schooling environment.

Schools and teachers make adjustments and provide support for a range of students. The adjustments and supports discussed in this video are provided for students who meet the definition of disability in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability.