Substantial – Year 8 Special School

This video shows a Year 8 student who would be placed in the Substantial category for the purposes of the national data collection. The student is working within an Education Support School setting. The teacher speaks about her justification and reasoning for placing the student in the Substantial category.

Durham Road is a government school located in the Perth suburb of Bayswater. The school caters to students with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory impairments (vision and hearing), challenging behaviours and/or autism spectrum disorders. The school has 180 students, ranging from kindergarten to 18 years of age and includes five primary and six secondary classes (three post-compulsory and three lower secondary).

This student is in year 8 enrolled at a stand-alone special school. This setting has a high ratio of adult to student support. He has muscular dystrophy and is placed in a middle school aged classroom with several other boys. His program is substantially modified and consists of some academic work as well as a functional program.