St Gregory’s Primary School, New South Wales

Claire Frazer, Principal, and Michael Green, Coordinator, St Gregory’s Primary School, Queanbeyan, NSW, speak about their preparation for and experience of the 2013 Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability.
St Gregory’s is a Catholic primary school located in Queanbeyan, NSW. The school caters for students from kindergarten to year 6 and has a current enrolment of more than 630 students. The students come from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. There are 14 Indigenous students in the school and 41 students speak English as an additional language or dialect. The school employs 52 staff, comprising 37 teachers and 15 non-teaching staff. St Gregory’s is a two-campus school; currently K–2 classes are located on one site with most of the years 3–6 classes on the other campus.
Claire Frazer,Principal  and Michael Green, Coordinator, speak about how the school prepared for the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability. Claire discusses teachers making professional judgements about including students in the data collection. She outlines some of the professional development that school staff undertook to enable them to meet their obligations to students. This professional development has enabled staff to better support students with disability. Claire talks about some of the adjustments the school makes for their students and provides a specific example about working with a student with an as yet undiagnosed disability. Other topics covered in this Illustration of Practice include managing student information, working with parents and the advantages of the national data collection for the school.