Extensive - Year 4 Education Support Centre

This video shows a Year 4 student who would be placed in the Extensive category for the purposes of the national data collection. The student is working within an Education Support setting. The teacher speaks about her justification and reasoning for placing the student in the Extensive category.

Joondalup Education Support Centre caters for children from kindy to year 6 with global developmental delay, intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and special educational needs. The school is co-located with Joondalup Primary School. The student population is around 75 and classes have a high ratio of staff to students with small numbers in each class. There is a strong focus on inclusivity so that some students with disabilities can work alongside their mainstream peers in planned activities based on their individual needs.

This student is enrolled in year 4 in an education support setting within a mainstream school. His highly individualised program is tailored to his interests and educational needs. Highly intensive support and supervision is provided both in the classroom and playground. He requires support for toileting and mealtime management.